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Tory Lanez Thinks People Were Watching His Billboard During Pitbull's New Year's Eve Performance


When I say I am laughing...I AM LAUUUUGHING!!!!

This nigga, Tory Lanez, knows that no one was paying attention to his damn Billboard during Pitbull's performance. That is why he NEEDED to repost it on Instagram, LOL. Also, why would his "Opps" be upset at seeing a Billboard HE PAID FOR in the wayyyy back-background of a show they probably were not watching???

Tory had the nerve to ask if he was "VISIBLE MUCH"...y'all tell me. Here is the performance and don't let Tory's screenshot fool you.

Watching a narcissist fall apart in 2021 is on my calendar.


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Jan 02, 2021

He's so desperate, and it's embarrassing at this point.

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