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Tory Lanez Trying To Get Credit For The Way Artists Use RnB/Pop Samples


Tory Lanez is in a talkative mood today and he is looking to take credit for the sampling craze in music. He tweeted:

"It’s crazy … 6 years ago niggas got mad at me cuz I would SAMPLE all the records that it Was NOT OKAY TO SAMPLE on the CHIXTAPES ! …… now I look up to a whole Generation of artist doing EXACTLY what I was doin .. chopping old Rnb/Pop samples and updating it to NOW sound."

Um...the problem has never been sampling because sampling has been around way before Tory Lanez started copying others. However, the way he "samples" and how other artists are doing it now is what fans do not like. It's just remaking songs and calling it sampling. So, if he wants credit for sampling gone wrong...OK. Oh, and not paying...YIKES!

The only credit he should be worried about is the credit he will get for shooting...nvm.


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Yeah it's alot of LAZY sampling going on. That's bout it.

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