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In a new interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, Chance The Rapper was asked about the Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B rap beef. Chance said that the beef was "curated" and that it was made for us to accept in a certain way, so we had to choose a side.

Chance The Rapper is correct! This Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B "beef" was curated. I love that he used the word "curated" because it fits perfectly to describe this "beef". Chance was also correct in saying that it was curated in a way to make fans feel like they had to choose a side. Now the real question is, "WHO CURATED THE NICKI MINAJ VS CARDI B BEEF?



Sept. 2016: The Guardian did a story about UK rapper, Lady Leshurr, exposing Atlantic Records for trying

to get her to diss Nicki Minaj.

Jan. 2017: DJDUBLTV posted an interview he did with Lady Leshurr, where she elaborated on

the record deal offered by Atlantic Records. The deal was only on the table if she started a beef with Nicki Minaj. Atlantic Records offered her 75K at first and went as high as 250K to start a fake beef with Nicki.

June 2017: Bodak Yellow is released

July 2017: After a Twitter music site posted about the Lady Leshurr story, rappers Cuppcakke and Angel Haze revealed they were offered a similar deal by Atlantic Records.


2017 is going to go down as the year when Atlantic Records made the push to get Nicki Minaj "DA FCK...ASAP" outta Hip-Hop. Since Atlantic Records was having a hard time finding any Black female rappers to cooperate with their plans, they switched it up. No more Black women and no more real rappers.

Atlantic hired Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka as VP of A&R. He is not only a music producer, but someone who is familiar with how reality TV works. He was on Love & Hip-Hop, so he is familiar with how to orchestrate a fake rap beef in order to catch the publics attention. It can't just be a diss song, that is for rapper rappers. For these artists who have more personality than talent, there needs to be a storyline for fans to invest in.


Cardi B is the perfect puppet for Atlantic Records. She is a Latino with a Rachel Dolezal complex (meaning hates her own race - white Latino/tries to pass as Black), jealous of Black women, has low comprehension skills, is willing to do anything for the bag, and most importantly she has always been envious of Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B and Atlantic Records knew that they needed to get the public to turn against Nicki Minaj. Cardi B could not rise to the top if the public liked both her and Nicki. Rap is a competitive genre and too many comparisons would be made between the two, plus history has shown that it's hard for the media/fans to support more than one female rapper at a time. Nicki Minaj had too much love, respect, and rap skill for Cardi to compete with. So, they needed to make the public no longer love Nicki, next lose respect for Nicki, and after that no one will care about her rap skills.

Propaganda works

Cardi B/Atlantic Record decided to borrow from one of the most popular stories in history - David and Goliath. Cardi's career was built off of the belief that Nicki Minaj was being mean to her, was hating on her, was trying to stop her bag. This garnered tons of sympathy for Cardi, which led to people wanting to support her music in order to send a message to Nicki Minaj. No one likes a bully, so they needed Nicki to play Goliath to Cardi's David. With the help of a few people in the media using their platforms to push this bully narrative, Cardi B rode the sympathy train all the way to a Grammy.


Jan. 2017: Cardi B did any interview with Ebro on Hot97 where she alluded to a female rapper who was mean to her on the red carpet. This story went viral because many assumed it was Nicki Minaj. I believe this is when Nicki suspecting that a Cardi B/Atlantic Records was going to drag her into a fake rap beef.

Examples of media coverage:

PetTeaBlog reported on this story with the title Nicki Minaj was MEAN to CARDi B when she saw her SMH . She totally ignored the fact that Cardi B never said a name (which was strategic).

Joe Budden, when he was on Everyday Struggle, was another media personality who repeated the narrative that Nicki Minaj was this mysterious "mean rapper". Nicki Minaj has been vocal about Joe Budden and his former sidekick creating false narratives about her when it comes to other female rappers. Both like to play dumb. Also, Budden is close friends with Hitmaka. I will not jump to any conclusion like Budden would but.....


Aug 2019: We all know that chipmunk AKA DJ Akademiks has a vendetta against Nicki Minaj. So Akademiks has decided to become the mouthpiece for Cardi B. During another Nicki rant, he was talking about a conversation he had with Cardi. As he was trying his best to present Cardi as a sympathetic figure, he said something very interesting about what she told him.

Wait a GODDAMN minute. Did chipmunk just say that Cardi B told him that the "mean red carpet rapper" WAS NOT Nicki Minaj? Did he just say that when Cardi B is talking about a female rapper trying to stop her from doing things, it WAS NOT Nicki Minaj?

I-Oop....did chipmunk just expose Cardi B? If this is true, which I have no reason to believe that chipmunk lied because this story doesn't benefit him in any way, then Cardi has some explaining to do. All of these nameless accusations that Cardi started, the media/fans blamed on Nicki Minaj. Cardi NEVER once came out to clear up these false allegations against Nicki. According to chipmunk, we were supposed to connect the dots.

To contrast Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, when people speculated that Nicki was dissing Cardi on "No Flags", Nicki took to Twitter to clear it up. This type of action that was never reciprocated by Cardi B.

Also, let's remember that Nicki did say that behind the scenes, Cardi B told Offset that she was dissing him. Nicki Minaj has known the Migos for years and ain't never had problems with them until they started to "party with Cardi".

Rae Sremmurd - Throw Sum Mo


I could lay out much more about this Nicki MInaj vs Cardi B "beef" but I just wanted to show how it was "curated". Atlantic Records used their relationships with certain media platforms to push their narratives to the fans. Cardi B used her experience as a stripper or whatever and treated rap fans as if they were just another "trick". No one should believe that Cardi B was pushed by fans to beef with Nicki Minaj after reading this. She was a willing participant.

One more thing, Chipmunk is Cardi's latest trick. Akademiks went on Everyday Struggle and blurted out that Nicki Minaj was obsessed with Cardi B. I did not get why he was trying to push that narrative, until I went through his rant video.

I noticed he just repeated what Cardi had told him. On Everyday Struggle chipmunk did not say that Cardi had told him that, he repeated it as if it was an independent thought. This is how propaganda works. Cardi trick'n Akademiks....I ain't mad.

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