Why Are People Mad At Lovely Mimi For Almost Saying The N-Word?

Updated: Feb 22

It's so funny that this Lovely Mimi situation came up because last night I was rolling my eyes at CJ's new song, Politics, cause he was "nigga, nigga, nigga'" in it. He's very reminiscent of Cardi B and 6ix9ine. That is why I created this graphic because they are all New York rappers, and all of them are getting pushed by heavy hitters in the music industry.

You got dumb niggas co-signing their replacements😒

Now, I don't know Lovely Mimi from a can of paint. But, I don't need to know who she is to realize that she was using the N-word in the same context as Cardi, 69, and CJ use it. They are given passes because they grew up in New York, surround themselves with Black people (some could say use), and use the one-drop rule to their advantage.

I have noticed, not just with Lovely Mimi, but with other Asians who have similar backgrounds as the three "La Raza Niggas;" that they are not given the same pass to say the N-word. I thought merely growing up poor, in the hood, loving Hip Hop, fcking Black men/women were enough to pass as "Black" at least to New Yorkers. Oh, it makes people uncomfortable for Asians to say it, but you feel OK with these propped up, industry plant muthafckaz use it to rise in Hip Hop???

I don't give a pass to none of these mofos, but I refuse to support the hypocrisy by acting like MiMi is not just doing what too many Blacks have shown is OK for her and others to do. As much as some of y'all call out appropriation or Blackfishing, it's supported by too many of US.

Choir sing...

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