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Beyonce is the Queen. Beyonce is Black Excellence. Beyonce is Struggling.


I love Beyonce! After gifting me her self-titled album "Beyonce" and "Lemonade," she owes me nothing as an artist. But, I would be lying if I said I did not notice that post-Lemonade, Beyonce has struggled to capture the same chart success we have become accustomed to seeing from her. I have chalked that up to her changing her musical content to being more Pro-Black/Women. That may have turned off some of her white fans and probably some Black fans too. But, she is still Beyonce, and even if she "lost" some fans, I would assume she reached a new audience when she went Black-a-licious on us. As much as Black Twitter and critics praise the "woke" and "feminist," Beyonce, her latest single, Black Parade, further proves that something is not connecting when it comes to Bey's music. It makes me wonder if people are over Beyonce, or are they just over "woke" Beyonce?


Fck Yaya tweets about Beyonce's Black Parade and explaines why it flopped.


On Juneteenth, Beyonce released "Black Parade," a standalone single to commemorate the holiday. The song was praised by Black Twitter, bloggers, and publications. No one seemed to have a bad thing to say about it, except me lol. It was supported by playlists, radio, and Bey actually promoted it on her Instagram. The song went on to be Beyonce's 40th Top 40 hit and debuted at #37 on the Hot 100. It was also the #1 R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Sales song. Things were looking great for Queen Bey.

A week later, "Houston, we have a problem!" Black Parade drops 34 spots on Billboard's Hot 100. In a time

Beyonce's Black Parade flopped with the people despite it having a top 40 debut.

when Lil Baby is topping the charts with "The Bigger Picture," an average song pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd, Bey struggles to stay in the top 40 with a song that some called the new national anthem. On Rolling Stone's Top 100 Chart, she did not fare much better. Black Parade dropped from #27 to #68. Beyonce is only topping charts now because she hopped on the "Savage" remix with Megan Thee Stallion. A song where she doesn't cloak herself in an "HBCU/I read Bell Hooks" persona, but instead teases she's "on that demon time, she might start an Onlyfans." The song went #1 and is still steady in the top 5 on Billboard and Rolling Stone charts.

Black Parade was a song fans claimed they wanted. It's solo Beyonce, not a soundtrack song, no Jay Z, and it's a song that fits with "Say it loud, I'm Black, and I'm Proud" movement. So what went wrong? I really can't speak for the masses who praised the song but failed to support it. But, I am guessing that while many appreciate Beyonce using her platform and talents to promote Blackness, we all just want her musically to be behind a "Partition" getting "Drunk In Love," while looking "Flawless."


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I loved Formation and the song on the Lion King soundtrack but for some reason Black Parade just was not it. Im just hearing her talk about things like Oshun and Yemeyah but it doesn’t seem genuine like that’s actually her, like you said reading a bunch of pro black tweets,

Also I think it has the fact to do that people want Singing Singing Beyonce back. Yeah Savage was good and did good because of what she was speaking even though she wasn’t singing all the way but we don’t want that from her All the time.


Kelly Sydnor
Kelly Sydnor
08 Tem 2020


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