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2 Listen Review: Megan Thee Stallion's "Good News" Album


Megan Thee Stallon dropped her highly anticipated (by fans and haters) debut album "Good News" and the music video for the second single, Body, last night.

I listened to the album in full twice. Below are my overall opinions on the album. No, I am not doing a track by track review. I will discuss Shots Fired, highlight some tracks, and keep it moving.

Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

The "Good News" is that the album lives up to its title. This is a good rap album…period. For all the hoopla over who deserves specific awards and who doesn't, Megan Thee Stallion brought 'bad news" to her doubter with the release of "Good News."



We all know how important an opening track is to an album. It sets the tone for the listeners, and Megan did not disappoint with "Shots Fired." This track aims at her attacker Tory Lanez, ex-bestie Kelsey Nicole, and all the "pick me" bitches / men who tried to shame her for stand up for herself. I am shocked that she addressed Kelsey, but I guess after her posing with Carl Crawford and J Prince, she said fck it.


"Imagine me givin' a fuck it was your fuckin' birthday (Fuck you)

You in your feelings, I just thought it was another Thursday"


The song samples Biggies "Who Shot Ya?" but the track's boldness is all 2 Pac. It also reminds you that Hot Girl Meg is the daughter of a rapper. For Megan, to use that sample and to go at a male "rapper" is Hip Hop at its finest and something I thought I would never see from a female or male artist, considering where the genre is headed.


It's also interesting that the song sounds like it may have been written after Tory Lanez tried to play his own defense attorney on Instagram Live. The more he pokes, the worse it gets, lol. Tory Lanez has now been bodied by Dreamdoll, Masika, and Megan😩.



After wrapping Tory's coffin with a bow, we move into another one of my fave tracks, "Circles," which samples Jazmine Sullivan's "Hold You Down." I appreciate that Megan did not use the sample to carry the song but to enhance it. A verse to pay attention to on this track is:

Goddamn! I love when rappers really let you into how they feel, especially when we know the situations they are referring to. She also drops some more info. about the shooting where she alludes to having messages of an unnamed person begging for forgiveness. This track is produced by Rick Starr Did It & Cool N Dre.



The album then goes into "Cry Baby" featuring Da Baby and "Do It On The Tip" featuring the City Girls. Y'all know I love Da Baby, and nothing has changed after this collab. The beat is FIYAH, and I think he and Meg sound great together. I think it's another fun-freaky song to add to the list of their other songs.

The City Girls and Meg sound way better together than I thought they would. This is the Lyrical Princesses' best feature so far. JT sounds strong again. It did stand out that Megan and Yung Miami reference others being their "sons." I'm so here for the Nicki Minaj influence in rap. That is way more impactful than girls copying looks. Besides Lauryn Hill, I don't think another female rapper has influenced how other rappers rap. I could be wrong, but I can't think of any right now.



The one track that I wanted to skip immediately was "Don't Rock Me To Sleep." I get what she was trying to do, but it did not work IMO. I don't need Pop Meg.



After seeing the tracklist I got a little worried, but I am so glad my fears were unwarranted. The album is solid. She did not run from the Tory situation. She handled straight on and then kept it moving. She shined on tracks with features and did not make you wish she had a feature on her solo songs. I feel this album will make the Hotties happy and grow her fanbase.

There is probably no WAP on here, but she doesn't need one. She needs chart consistency.


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