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20 Black Suburbans Pull Up: Latto's New Track is Sunday Service Ready

Latto Shares Snippet of New Track on Twitter.

It's 2024, and the girls are coming out, baby!

Latto just shared a snippet of a new song I think she is calling "Anyway." The track, which sounds like another "Go Grizzly" beat, has Latto smoothly rapping:

"I don't sing R&B, but bitch I'm really H.E.R.; fck wrong wit niggas

How you let him cheat and take him back - must be your only nigga

I get LOUD, just like my weed; I don't watch my tone wit niggas

I hang up phones on niggas - you ain't my daddy, bitch I'm big mama

Every time y'all put me wit dem hoes, it's gonna be big drama

20 black Suburbans - we pull up like Sunday service

I just want a one on one, don't know why she so nervous

Fck what these hoes said cause my nigga say I'm perfect

Anyway, body count so low I might say I'm a virgin"



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