50 Cent bounced from story to story while on Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne. He was not afraid to name names, well except one time. 50 Cent spoke about a person who represents prison reform but who signed to a prison correctional officer and is managed by a snitch. Fiddy may not have put an address on it, but I don't think we need Google Maps to figure out who he was shading.


Fiddy also spoke on people who question Drake over his use of ghostwriters. He said, "Anything you say is wrong about Drake is wrong about Dre. N*ggas wrote for Dre. Anything you say is wrong about Drake, that means you delete Dr. Dre, that means you delete muthafck'n Puffy, that means you delete a lot of n*ggas."

When people use Dr. Dre. and Puffy, as examples as to why we should overlook Drake using ghostwriters, it shows how desperate they are to save Drake. Who the fck thinks of Dr. Dre and Puffy as rappers? Yes, they both have rapped before, but that is not what we know them as, so they can have writers. That is why they are not on top 50 rappers or MC lists. If people want to consider Drake, a musical curator, then OK. All I got out of 50's comments is he believes Drake uses writers. That's good enough for me.


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