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A Star Is Born: Latto Solidifies Her Spot As One Of The Top Rap Girls After Coachella Performance

Latto Is One Of The Highlights At Coachella 2023 On Sunday As Frank Ocean Disappoints Fans.


A STAR IS BORN is the best way I can describe Latto's Coachella performance on day 3 of the annual music festival. While some girls were mumbling and cackling on Twitter, she was obviously in the dance studio putting in work. No more counting steps for her; it is all BOOM-KACK-BOOM now.

When Latto hit that stage on Sunday, she brought a level of energy and excitement that is usually reserved for pop girls like Chloe and Doja Cat. Her facial expression and body language left no doubt that she was fully in control of the stage, and by the end of her performance, she had the crowd eating out of her hands.

What really impressed me was Latto's use of the space. It is really easy to look small on a Coachella stage, but that was not an issue for BIG Latto, whose attention to detail made this a timestamp moment in her

Latto Turns Coachella Into Lattochella As She Makes The Crowd Go Wild. She Was The Talk Of The Music Festival, Not Frank Ocean.

career. She and her dancers were always moving with perfect spacing and unison that no matter where the camera panned, there was always something visually interesting to watch. The pace never got too slow or tedious, and the use of PROPS!!! Something as little as using chairs while performing "Another Nasty Song" and having the dancers bring out protest signs during "Pussy" created an experience for the audience. Those are the details I am talking about.

Oh, and Latto has a catalog. She was running through song after song, and you realize she got jams. I do not care where those songs charted, nor did that crowd. Some girls may have more hits than her, but they cannot perform those hits better than her.

This performance also made me realize that Latto has cracked the code. Rap girls do not have to do Pop-Rap; they just need to give us Pop performances.

Channel their inner Janet Jackson...LOL!

Speaking of rap girls, Latto gave us GIRL POWER on top of the visuals and the music. We love seeing the girls together. First, Latto showed love to Megan Thee Stallion by performing their collab "Budget" off Meg's "Traumazine" album. She then brought out TiaCorine - "Freaky T" remix, Lola Brooke - "Don't Play With It" remix, and Saweetie - "Bitch From Da Souf" remix.

This performance left me saying, "I want to see Latto on tour," and I do not think I was alone in that thought. Latto has elevated herself above being just a talented rapper - she is now seen as a good performer who knows how to put on a show. Now all Latto has to do is keep this level of greatness up and do it again and again and again. No pressure.




When I say this performance had everything, it had everything, including a possible Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice diss. Latto previewed a new song saying, "She Thought I Would Kiss Her Ass, She Must Ain't Took Her Meds" and then ended by telling the crowd she was tired of the subtweets.

Now, of course, this is the messy shit YouTubers love...when it is Nicki Minaj or Cardi B doing it. But, when it is one of the other girls, here comes the tears, goalpost moving, and rule changes. Some of y'all are not cut out for female rap.

I will keep this simple, anything Latto wants to say or do to Nicki Minaj is fair game. Remember, Latto found out that Nicki had tried to stop one of her collaborations, and Nicki never denied it. That was some sabotage snake shit and one of the 2543100 reasons I look at Nicki Minaj differently today. If we are keeping it a stack or whatever Nicki Minaj said, she and her fans should be thanking Latto because now she does not look like she is beef'n with herself.

As for Ice Spice...we all saw that performance at the Revolve Festival.


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Adanna Igweobi
Adanna Igweobi

LMAOOOO.....God bless her heart.

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