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Acacia, What's Good? Nicki Minaj Did Not Get Superpowers, She Got Acacia Brinley

Only Nicki Minaj can top Black people getting superpowers, LOL.

This white girl, Acacia Brinley, was added to a "Mom" group chat with Nicki Minaj. Now, apparently, Nicki was added without her permission and this girl did not know it was really Nicki Minaj.

She soon found out that it was really Nicki Minaj after Nicki posted screenshots of the group chat on Twitter and a photo of the Acacia. Nicki tweeted, "Barbz have no mercy." I think we can all guess what happened next, LOL.

I have no clue who this white lady is, but I guess this girl is or was famous on Tumblr...????? So, now of course Twitter is trippin out cause this is some crazy shit. I'm still unclear on if Nicki's number was leaked to other people or this group...


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