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Cardi B Teases New Track: Samples Missy Elliott's 'She's A B*tch

Updated: 2/28 at 9:09 PM PST

Cardi B samples Missy Elliott on new "Like What" Freestyle.

Not that I think anyone was searching, but Cardi B has been found, and she is returning with a freestyle named "Like What" plus a cover art reveal.

Now that I know it is a freestyle, the Missy Elliott sample makes more sense, and I think this is a smart move by Cardi and her team. She is not known as a freestyler, so it is unexpected, and it lowers the expectations since it is not a "lead single." So, if it sucks, it won't matter that much, but it will heighten the pressure for her to drop a single that will kick off her album rollout.

I will say that I am not a fan of the cover art. Cardi B loves these high-fashion looks, but they don't fit everything, and they are not as interesting to look at as she may think they are. I would want something more Hip Hop for a freestyle, but we will see.


Cardi B samples Missy Elliott's "She A Bitch"

Today, Cardi B's official fanpage dropped a snippet of her latest untitled track, giving us a taste of what Cardi's new era holds. This time, the Bronx native draws inspiration from Missy Elliott's 1999 hit 'She's A Bitch.' In the six-second teaser, Cardi raps: 'I ain't even got dressed, any L that I took come after YS, Oh Man.'

This sneak peek follows a lackluster attempt by her fans to generate excitement with a 'Where Is Cardi B' campaign this past week. It was one of the weakest rollouts I've seen from the girlies. The buzz just didn't quite catch on, and I believe it's because Cardi's had a few false starts with her music. In a year where girls are dropping FIYAH tracks with attention-grabbing rollouts, being wishy-washy won't cut it.



Now, back to the teaser: Is Cardi B about to serve up a hit? Based on this snippet, it's a solid 'No, Ma'am' from me. I thought we'd collectively moved past the era of rappers sampling old hits, and personally, Cardi's rap delivery has always been an "uggghhhh" for me. However, that very style has already earned her a Grammy and a few chart-toppers, so who am I to judge? This track might become a hit on TikTok and probably won't have any issues with radio play.

What's your take on this snippet?


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