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Amiyah Scott Tells Her Enemies, "Don't Act Confused When I Slaughter You Hoes Unmercifully"


Last night, I noticed that Amiyah Scott had posted a message on her Instagram page that read in part, "Of course I didn't create lace wigs nor colored hair. But I did bring them to the streets, absolutely. Did I find out and share that we too, normal everyday girls, because that's what I was and will be... could have celebrity hair like RuPaul and Lil Kim and the pioneers before me...YES. Bitch, I did that." She went on to speak about the trauma she is coping with and ended with, "No, I did not invent the light bulb. But, I lit the streets UP and that's a mf FACT."

I noticed on Twitter people started giving Amiyah her much-deserved flowers. Even rapper Trina chimed in. But, I am still unclear what provoked this. It appears someone may have questioned her impact when it comes to the hair community.

Anyone have any info. on what provoked Amiyah Scott to speak out?


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