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Is Method Man The 90s Rapper Turned Actor Who Attacked This TikToker Years Ago?

Former model and TikToker JaydenSteele30 asked, "You guys want to know the reason why all these people are coming forward now telling their stories, and they didn't do it in the past..." What followed was a shocking account of her own, detailing a physical assault by a prominent rapper in the '90s who has since transitioned into a popular actor.



Jayden describes defending herself after the alleged attack, with police swarming the scene – "10 squad cars" in her words. But despite giving a statement to five different officers, she said no official report was ever filed. The explanation, she claims, lies with her employer at the time – a law firm representing the head of the rapper's record label. Their advice? "Pick your battles."

Enter the comment section...

I checked the comments for any clues and saw this question – "Is it Method Man, ijs?". Shockingly, under it was a response from Jayden: "Yes."

TikToker and Former Model Claims She Was Attacked By Method Man Years Ago.

Now, while we all love Method Man, he admitted on Math Hoffa that he went through a "low self-esteem era." Remember, he apologized to Destiny's Child for being disrespectful over 20 years ago. So, this could be true, but not who he is now.


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