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Method Man Explains How You Can Tell A Label Is Done With An Artist


The very sexy Method Man recently sat down with Math Hoffa on his "My Expert Opinion" podcast and spoke about his dealing with labels. Meth said something that really blew my mind about how you can tell a label is done with an artist:

"When you want to do a certain single, and the label is pushing for another single, but they let you get the single you want and shit; trust me, they are done with yo ass."



Now, I think he is talking about artists who are not the megastars at the label.

If this is the industry standard, it puts the artist in a fck'd up position. On one hand, you allow the label to get their way to avoid being dropped, but if their way does not get dropped.


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Smh. I hate this for artist get there put in time and then they just get tired of you?? Crazy.


Jul 27, 2022

Yeah that’s how the industry has always been.

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