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Latto vs. Who? Decoding the Rapper's Cover Art For "Sunday Service"

Latto Set To Drop New Single "Sunday Service" On February 9th.

Latto isn't known for keeping fans waiting - unless she's deliberately building up the suspense. A month after teasing "Sunday Service" on social media, the Atlanta rapper is finally dropping the highly-anticipated track this Friday, February 9th. And I'm absolutely living for the rollout.

Last Friday, in response to Ice Spice's viral admission to dissing Latto on her "Fart Song," Latto, true to her "Queen of Da Souf" title, flooded social media with footage of her pulling up to Ice Spice's hometown, the Bronx, to film a music video. Talk about let'n your actions speak louder than your words.



This week, Latto unveiled the single's artwork, featuring a collage of female rappers from different eras – some friends, some rivals – all with their eyes blacked out. This clever move instantly sparked a guessing game: who's who, and who's getting dissed? Especially after Megan Thee Stallion's "HISS," the speculation went into overdrive.

Yesterday, Latto added more fuel to the fire with a sneak peek of the music video, revealing an even larger congregation of female rappers plastered on the walls and floor. As expected, the internet goes off, and people even start editing themselves into Latto's background.

What I love about this rollout is its captivating ambiguity. There's no need for endless tweets or explanations – Latto lets the visuals do the talking. It's the kind of artistic shade-throwing that only the "queens" can pull off, intensifying the excitement for Friday's release.

My all-black outfit is ready – we're heading to "Sunday Service" this Friday - AMEN!


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