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Are Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B "Quivering" After Nicki Minaj's "Freaky Girl" Teaser?

Nicki Minaj Drops Teaser For New Song "Freaky Girl." Should Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B Be Worried?


One of my fave Clubhousies spoke on Nicki Minaj's upcoming single "Freaky Girl." While his positivity did not surprise me, I had a Scooby-Doo moment when he went as far to not only claim this will be a HIT song but that Nicki has Latto and Megan Thee Stallion "quivering" while Cardi B should be "worried" and "concerned."

All of this off a snippet?

I have to say this is giving me deja vu when in one of his rooms, they were saying that Doja Cat had the Pop girls scared. Well, as we all know, Doja Cat is just stepping around the Pop girls and avoiding any direct competition despite her music being majority Pop.


"So, All The Girls Are Quivering - Latto, You Know Megan. The Girls Who Have Been Kinda Dominating Pop And Who Felt Comfortable Because Maybe They Thought Nicki Wasn't In That Bag Anymore..."


So, I have two questions for y'all:

1- Do you believe "Freaky Girls" will be a hit?

2- Is this snippet making the girls "quiver?"

3- Will Nicki Minaj be left "quivering" after the song drops?


FYI - This guy makes great discussion rooms about music and works in the industry. I respect his opinion, even though I do not always agree (that is possible).


Speak, Heart, Share...Thanks!

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