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Armani Caesar's The Liz Makes You Wanna Be a NY Chick


Griselda's first-lady, Armani Caesar, dropped her 11 track project "The Liz" last Friday. On first listen, I was surprised by how NY sounding it was. Yes, I know she is from Buffalo, NY, but most female rappers are making club music. This album made me want to wear a Foxy Brown fur coat in 100° degree weather, buy some Timberlands, eat rocks with milk for cereal, and say "deadass" at the end of every sentence. This album was created by a New Yorker for New Yorkers; however, you can definitely appreciate the nostalgia NY sound if you're not from the Big Apple.

"The Liz," which is a play on Elizabeth Taylor and WWF wrestling manager Miss Elizabeth is a bar heavy album, so if you are a "rap fan," who doesn't like too many words🙄, then this project is not for you. What I appreciate the most about this album is that it shows a skilled female rapper who isn't watering down her sound to pander to kids. Armani is giving you straight bars, no chaser...DEADASS!



Call me AR-Caes' (Uh huh), industry niggas wan' AR me (Chyeah)

No sick, need AARP (What up?), they wan' trademark me

Cut the check, I'm 'bout my Biz Markie (Uh huh)

I drop bombs for Kay Slay, barbies (What's up?)

'Member nights I used to freeze, fucked up, eatin' no grilled cheese (For real)

It made me stronger, real queens go through things (Uh huh)

I blow through cream, y'all chickens go through teams (Tuh)


Listen to the project and let me know below if this brought the New Yorker in you.


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