Yesterday, Lil Wayne recorded his season-ending 12th episode of Young Money Radio on Apple Music. According to YM twitter, with over 10M viewers, it was the biggest first season radio show ever on Apple Music. Congrats to Lil Wayne!

Wayne had to end it with a bang, so he interviewed Mr. Entanglement, August Alsina. Lil Wayne asked

him about the Red Table Talk with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He claimed he did not see it, but his family ran it back for him. August debunked any narrative that he was taken advantage of or preyed upon. In my opinion, he showed that he is a smart marketing man and played people who wanted to believe this was some sugar mama story.

When it came to the question of Will Smith giving his blessing, he stuck to his story...sort of. He was much more apparent when speaking on the status of Will Smith and Jada's relationship. August told Weezy, "They weren't seeing each other in that way, but still love and respect each other as family. I said we sat down as two men, like boom, yo you have my love, you have my blessing." We all know that is not what he told Angela Yee. To me, this sounds like Will meeting Jada's new man. In the Angela Yee interview, he made people believe he was in a "thruple" with Will and Jada by being metaphorical with his words and bringing up Will and Jada's "life partnership." In a previous post, I had pointed out how weirdly August had worded his conversation with Will Smith. I think August is trying to clear his name and market an album.

August Alsina says there are no bad guys. He does not want to be the cause of any confusion...over and over again. So, what do y'all think? Is he confusing or justified?


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