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The girl has been located and got a makeover. She is so pretty.

It's good to see there are still good people out in the world.

The Black girl throwin a dumpster by a bunch of boys is given a free makeover.



The clown who filmed the boys throwing this girl, who some say is 17 years old, in the dumpster has "apologized." The clowns are claiming they threw the girl into the trash because she was trying to kiss a 15-year-old, but when I saw the full video the guys are encouraging this girl to kiss one of the boys. Also, someone said they always kissing on that girl. It's all a mess and this fool apologized because he knows he is wrong.

Also, in this apology, the words used are "joke" "blowing the video out of proportion". But, they are online try to paint the girl as a perv. Is it serious or not?


This video of a Black girl being thrown in the trash is going viral and not in a good way. Sneaky_Bandz caption said, "We trashing bitches all summer 2020." Um...NO THE FCK YOU NOT.

This type of "playing" is done way too much when it comes to Black women/girls. These boys should never feel comfortable doing this to a sistah.

Sneaky_Bandz has deleting the video after people dragged his ass but then went on IG Live to talk sh*t.


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17. Juni 2020

This is disgusting. So glad black women are seeing this shit. #burnthecape.

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