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Cardi B Confirms "WAP" And "UP" Will Be On Her Long Overdue Sophomore Album (Updated)


Cardi B confirmed on Centerfold Live that she is including her two #1 singles, "WAP" and "UP," on her long overdue sophomore album. This means her untitled album will be eligible/certified platinum when it drops.

Before people start to overreact, let's not forget that "Invasion Of Privacy" was certified gold on release day due to the success of "Bodak Yellow."

Cardi B's M.O. is to stall on dropping albums as her singles rack up sales/certifications. Once she drops her

Cardi B's Bodak Yellow Cover Art. Cardi B will put WAP and UP on upcoming album to get RIAA certifiations.

project, her team of blogs plaster how she is already certified blah, blah all over social. This is a media tactic to fool the public into believing the album is that hot when, in actuality, the certification is based on one or two old hit songs.

Also, I want to clarify the certification will have nothing to do with her first-week sales. The sales are based on what you sold in that first week, not what an artist sold prior to their album release date. So, unless she does a campaign around "WAP" or drops a "UP" remix, there will be no reason for sales or streams to increase significantly for either "WAP" or "UP."

I will say, as a person who thought both songs were underwhelming and propelled by the relationships Cardi B has with the media, this is already a bad sign for her album. Neither of these songs made me interested in a Cardi B album.


Updated: 6/5 at 6:05 PM PST

Cardi B has responded to those who question why she is adding WAP and Up to her upcoming album. I am curious, which artist put someone else's song on their album? Who is Cardi trying to throw under the bus?

Cardi needs to worry about the music. Her features are not hitting and trust when I say that without that underdog storyline, "Today's Cardi B is not yesterday's Cardi B."


Do Y'all Like When Old Singles Are Included On New Projects?


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