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Cardi B Dismisses Divorce From Offset, Officially


Well, one of the biggest hoaxes in Hip Hop is officially over for now. TMuthafcknZ reported that Hoaxi B, Oops, I mean Cardi B, has dropped her divorce request officially, but without prejudice. That means she can refile at a later date. Um...maybe around the time her album drops?

As we here already knew, she was not going to divorce Offset. This breakup to makeup stunt was for sympathy and probably to show Offset and others just how much she has the blogs in her Birkin bags. Remember, Ole Girl made sure that the media did not drag Offset too much and that people knew he did not cheat or get another girl pregnant. So many blogs just went along with her narrative without questioning her motives.

Now, she is back with her man, who she admitted she physically abuses. You have a female rapper admitting she puts hands on her husband first, but y'all out here trying to paint another female rapper as violent. It's the privilege for me. She also attacked her STANs, who were worried about her jumping back into a miserable relationship just because she received a vehicle and missed the d*ck. Oh boy...

Until their next scripted breakup happens, do y'all think a joint album is coming?


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