Offset and Cardi B Spark A Birkin Bag Debate After Shopping At Hermes In Beverly Hills

Money Yaya, who considers herself a Birkin bag aficionado, has been very vocal about this trend of A to D list celebrities showing off their Birkin bags. These bags are supposed to very exclusive and hard to get...until now. Recently, Money Yaya made a statement along the lines of you can't just go buy Birkin bags at the store. There is a waiting list or something like that.

Well, today Offset and Cardi B went to Hermes and picked up 4 Birkin bags...or so they may have thought. First, Offset posted a photo of himself and Ole Girl in the Hermes store in Beverly Hills with his caption making it about race lol. Like Ole Girl said, "nOt eVerYtHiNg iS aBoUt rAcE." People are just tired of seeing these Birkin bags, lol. Anyways, he posted the receipt because he cares that much about what we, or should I say, Money Yaya thinks.

So, you know Ole Girl had to give her PSA on the issue. Here is a shortened version of what she posted where she emphasized being able to get bags from Hermes. Since she was talking about Birkin bags, it is implied she meant she got 4 Birkin bags from the store.

People started tagging Money Yaya, and she replied by pointing out that there was only 1 Birkin bag on the receipt. Hermes makes other bags besides Birkin. Now, maybe Cardi knew she was not buying all Birkin bags...but it is Cardi so, she probably did not.

Now, I am not the Birkin police, and I feel we should enjoy whatever bags we want. Hasn't 2020 be challenging enough😩? But, Cardi needs to stop trying to speak for Black women. She was doing so good today when she said, "Black and Hispanic," and then I read the post below, and my first thought was, "Don't do that." The issue is not Black women or Cardi having access to these bags. It's about the Birkin appearing easy to get for A to D list celebrities, that is why many Black women are also speaking out. I don't get why that is so difficult for Ole Girl to understand??? She is always trying so hard to be

Rosa Parks...

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