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Cardi B Goes "Bongos" over Missing Chick-fil-A Condiments

Cardi B Goes "Bongos" over Missing Chick-fil-A Condiments

Cardi B recently took to social media to express her frustration over an incomplete Chick-fil-A order. In a video rant, she went full "Bongos" mode, calling out the fast-food chain for forgetting 2 honeys, 1 honey mustard, and 1 buffalo. In true Cardi B fashion, she warned, "Don't Play with my Fck'n Food!"



While I would generally dismiss this as one of Cardi B's "Look at Me" temper tantrums, I'm with her on this. It's incredibly annoying to order food, be all set to eat, and then realize condiments are missing—especially when you specifically requested and paid for them. This annoyance is amplified when it's not the first time it's happened.

So rant away, Cardi, rant away!


Updated: 12/4 at 12:19 PM PST

Who says complaining doesn't get you anywhere? We know for Cardi B it gets her far and extra "Christianity" with her Chick-fil-A order.


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so let's get this straight. it's okay for her to go off over condiments? but when a specific rapper go off about something more important, it's a problem?

Instead of getting mad about missing condiments, go back to chik fil a and ask for them????

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