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One Of Cardi B's Bloggers Threatens To Expose Her Secrets

Cardi B's week has gone from bad to worse, and it's only Wednesday! Just days after Love & Hip Hop star Hazel E told Tasha K that Cardi B's rise in Hip Hop was more about industry sabotage and Nicki Minaj's downfall than her actual talent, one of Cardi's underlings is threatening to expose her. 


Yesterday, I obtained recordings of Armon Wiggins's right-hand woman, Eva, going off on Cardi B. Eva didn't mince words, as she sounds like she is foaming at the mouth, ranting about Cardi B using her as a pawn and threatening to expose her secrets. 


But you don't have to take my word for it. Listen to snippets of Eva's rant yourself:

In this clip, Eva alleges Cardi B's friend doxxes people who say things that Cardi B does not like and claims to have receipts. Also, says that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj do the same shit.

In this clip, Eva claims to have evidence she can provide to bloggers who want to sue Cardi B...YIKES!

In this clip, Eva claims she and Cardi B became "friends" after Cardi contacted her about Offset cheating. She also calls Cardi B insecure and too worried about what people say about her.

Eva says Cardi B is not her friend and that Cardi used her as a pawn.


These audio clips above are just excerpts from a longer rant. I had to chop it up. But it is obvious that Cardi B's bloggers are flipping on her - Jason Lee, Armon, and now this person. This behavior is no surprise to me because messy bloggers are like Gremlins; you gotta constantly feed them, or they will throw temper tantrums.

But inquiring minds want to know - Is this a genuine threat or just an empty warning to get Cardi B's attention? I am leaning towards an empty warning, but we will see.

I have written about Cardi B's relationship with bloggers since she first came out. They played a significant role in her success, and I always knew they would play a role in her downfall. Is this a turning point for Cardi B's career, or just a hiccup for Bardi?

We will see once she drops that album.


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תגובה אחת

I Believe every single thing that was said! Every single word. People think I'm crazy when I say her and Nicki are the same person. BOTH insecure asf and BOTH sneaky asf.

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