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Cardi B Responds To Rolling Stone Article About Pay-For-Play Black Market

cardi b's botched plastic surgery


Well, well, looks like Cardi B, with her neverending album rollout, decided to respond to a tweet about Rolling Stone's article on the pay-for-play black market when it comes to streams.

The article exposed a phone recording between digital marketer Joshua Mack of 3BMD Media and The Blueprint Group, including CEOs Jean Nelson and Gee Roberson, where they discussed boosting streams for one of their artist, G-Eazy.

Cardi B tweeted, "I saw the article, no mentions about Atlantic who they love claiming that be cheating the system, but they do name who does tho yet my name being brought up?"

I read this article last night and only tweeted about it because this was not some exposing the payola streaming industry article I thought it would be. It was just about this specific digital marketer, Joshua Mack, and his conversation with The Blueprint Group. It was giving us a snippet of what goes on in the business of streaming.

Rolling Stone did not include the recording of Mack speaking on the artists/labels he told Jean Nelson and Gee Roberson he had helped.

So, when Cardi B says she nor Atlantic were mentioned, she is correct; however, her statement is misleading because this article was not an overall investigation into fake streams, just about a specific instance of a company attempting to manipulate streaming numbers. In no way is this company the only one being used by labels/artists to fool the public. Cardi B failed to comprehend that.

In the article, Joshua Mack admitted Spotify had punished him in the past for his stream-boosting. I wonder if he is the person behind hacking people's Spotify accounts to stream Cardi B's collab with French Montana?

french montana and cardi b fake streams for song

Moving on...I think she only responded to that tweet because she knows who Jean Nelson and Gee Roberson used to manage. Cardi appears to want to re-argue every allegation made by Nicki Minaj without directly saying her name. Save it for the album.

Since we are speaking of Jean and Gee, I remember when Cardi B revealed that Nicki Minaj threw a fit over her doing the "No Limit" song with G-Eazy. Where did that information come from? There has always been speculation about were Jean and Gee sabotaging Nicki Minaj. I mean sending her to China on a incompetent do you have to be to do that? What was their role in Atlantic's attempt to take her down?


Chile ya been saying that shit for 3 years everybody been getting expose I’m still waiting for you to find me who that works with me is on that article. - Cardi B


Well, I just found out that both are former Atlantic Records executives, so they are part of that tree. Also, last month, they inked a partnership with Warner Records. They also manage T.I., who has always come off very anti-Nicki Minaj.

Did Jean Nelson and Gee Roberson sabotage Nicki Minaj's career for Atlantic Records?



There has not been any major artist exposed for faking streams because there has never been a full-on investigation into the streaming black market, just like there has not been a full investigation into the 2019 Grammys like was suggested. The industry does not want the manipulation exposed because probably all the labels participate to a certain degree. So, Cardi can stop acting like she passed some type of investigation.


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