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Cardi B Says, "People Be So Hard On Female Rappers"

Cardi B seems on a mission to tell us what we already know, "People be so hard on female rappers." No shit, Sherlock. If she thinks it's hard being Cardi B, imagine if she were a Black female rapper who people actually expected to be a good rapper. As long as Cardi can manipulate her stats, people are happy. She is on the Drake plan when it comes to the industry.

She also has the nerve to talk about fake female unity...pot meet kettle. This is her Keyser Soze coming out. She sees a group of fans talking about fake female unity and AFTER she uses it to promote her music, she then acts like she is part of the group calling it out.

What do y'all think she is trying to do. Is her album about to drop and she wants people to critique it???


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