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Cardi B Tells Judge $4 Million Is Not Enough, She Wants Tasha K To Take Down Videos


Cardi B vs. Tasha K is becoming a neverending story.

On Thursday, March 3rd, Cardi B filed for a permanent injunction against Gossip blogger Tasha K and Kebe Studios, claiming that the 4 million dollar defamation win is not enough when it comes to "wino" Tasha K.

Cardi B wants the courts to force Tasha K to remove any defamatory videos or statements she made about the Bronx rapper pertaining to prostitution, Herpes/HPV, cocaine use, beer bottles up p*ssy, and adultery. Furthermore, Belcalis wants to prevent Tasha K from ever republishing any of the comments that have already been proven in court to be a lie.

Card B Files For A Permanent Injunction Against Tasha K.

Considering all the shit-talking Tasha K did about not paying Cardi B, this is honestly just a tap on the shoulder. Cardi is really just asking Tasha K to do what she was supposed to do once she lost the lawsuit.

The judge will probably grant this injunction, and then we will get to see if Tasha K is indeed a fool or just acting like one.

New media keeps losing.


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