Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Twitter is throwing a #CardiBIsOverParty ...AGAIN! We all know that cancel culture doesn't work, but watching Ole Girl's reaction to all this drama is amusing. She really needs to thank "Cancel Culture," because canceling someone whose career is speeding downhill, really does them a favor. This is the most attention Ole Girl has gotten since trying to go viral by pretending to be a coronavirus expert.


First, why is Ole Girl being canceled today? There are so many reasons to cancel her that when I saw the canceling party, I did not know if it would be something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But, it appears to be something new. She is being accused of creating a fake

page where she talks sh*t about Nicki, Megan, Ariana, and Doja Cat. Oh, and Lil Kim was in the comments too. Sounds like Cardi to me.

In the past, Ole Girl has been caught "liking" shady comments about the girls. She built a whole career of lying about Nicki Minaj. Look around, Cardi B without a rap beef is not poppin. Girls like Dream Doll, Mulatto, and Cupcakke are pushing their music while she is pushing purses. Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat are topping the charts while she topping off plates of food and other things.

So, I can see her making a fake page to push negative conversations about the girls doing better than her. This is a woman whose defense of drugging and robbing men was "I had limited options." So, I don't think it's above Cardi B to do some sh*t like this. However, just because I believe this is not above her doesn't make the accusations true, and honestly, I don't care.


Cardi B is doing her best Shaggy impersonation and claims, "It wasn't me." Is it ever Cardi? The way that

Ole Girl responded to this cancelation party, my first thought was "Thou Doth Protest Too Much." For those who don't know, that means when someone overly insists they did not do something, they probably did it. Even if this information is fake, at best, Ole Girl is coming off like someone with a guilty conscious. This reminds of that rushed PR statement she put out after she tried to attack Nicki Minaj. Aren't we still waiting for receipts from that incident? Also, look at the company Cardi keeps, she hangs with and promotes bloggers who spread lies about other female rappers. Here is the voice message she made to "clear her name." Listen below:

So, Ole Girl doesn't personally know Lil Kim, Nicki is "this girl, " she likes Ari's music, her team gets along with Doja and Meg's team. I want ya'll to remember she said that her team doesn't talk to anyone she has issues with. This is that "if y'all want to work with me, you can't work with them" sh*t. This is the girl Hip Hop tried to convince us was going to bring female unity to rap. Three years in and she doesn't appear to have female rap friends outside of the City Girls and Rapsody. Even Remy Ma regrets fck'n with her...allegedly. So, where does she go from here?


So Cardi B goes back to what she knows best, sympathy. No need for payola since the music is incognito too. She puts out another voice message talking about " I want to cry because something that the devil tried to create." WTF??? This was all after she was tweeting and laughing about how many times people have tried to cancel her. Now, she is Mrs. Boo Hoo pants over the support she got over being faux canceled??? Oh, and thanking fans for getting something trending. That's the Cardi I know and roll my eyes at.

When I heard this sh*t I thought, Ole Girl probably leaked the page herself. She needed some way to get attention away from Megan and the City Girls. So Belcalis decided to "expose" herself so she can play the victim and get sympathy. All she needs to do is drop a song, and she can really milk it. In the name of Blac Swan, stop the BS Cardi. You have done so much foul sh*t to people, don't start crying when karma shows up at your doorstep. The only thing Ole Girl is a victim of is her energy, her attitude, and her mouth...PERIOD!

Ole Girl is trying to show she doesn't care by posting a video of herself jumping into a pool. I prefer her running into Jenga blocks lol.