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Carl Crawford Admits He Took Too Much Of Megan Thee Stallion's Publishing And Bashes T. Farris

As the case of Megan Thee Stallion vs 1501 Entertainment sets to heat up next year, Carl is busy casting himself as the clueless music CEO who was taken advantage of by a cunning T. Farris, who manipulated Megan into turning against him.

Listen to Carl Crawford speak on T. Farris, Paul Wall, and the Megan situation below.

"Guys might not say what they want to say. They all think they gonna get this, um, secret Megan Thee Stallion verse one day, that I have to approve at the end of the day."

"I was just clueless to everything and that is what upset me. They understood that I was clueless."

Carl Crawford says some interesting things in Pt. 4 of his interview with "BossTalk." He claims a Devon Stevens warned him that T. Farris, Roc Nation, and Megan were trying to cut him out. But, in all his other interviews, he claims he did not know what was going on. Also, it was no big deal that Megan signed with Roc Nation because they are management, and 1501 is the label. But, if he was warned about the plan, why was he so shocked?

I think he was shocked that Megan was warned about all the problems/errors with her contract and had the audacity to want them fixed. Speaking of contract, Carl admits he was taking too much of her publishing, and now he claims he was willing to work on that. A little too late for that.


This is what a lawyer told Rob Markman about Megan's contract dispute.


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