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Bond was made. Crawford is no longer in custody.


Ex-MLB player, Carl Crawford, had been arrested for a domestic violence incident that occurred between him and his baby mama, Gabriele Washington, in May 2020.

Carl Crawford arrested for attacking baby mama Gabriele Washington.


On May 7th, Carl Crawford's baby mama, Gabriele Washington, alleges that Crawford came over to her residence. Upon arrival, Crawford emptied the contents of his pockets, which included a gun. He pulled out a gun, emptied the clips, and told her he was going to ask her questions "one last time," and if she lied he would hurt her. When Washington tried to leave the room, Crawford shoved her to the hallway floor. He then grabbed her by the head and neck and asked her how long she was dating an unidentified male. She told Crawford she only knew the unidentified male for a week. Crawford called her a liar and slammed her head against the wall a couple of times. The whole time he is holding his gun in one hand. Crawford then began strangling Washington while asking her how long has she been having sex with that unknown male. Washington told him she did not have sex with this male. Crawford called her a liar and repeatedly slammed her head against the wall. While on the floor, Washington's 1-year-old daughter walked up to her at some point, and Crawford went to the girl. That is when Washington escaped and ran to the leasing office of her apartment.


Carl Crawford is still in custody according to the court website. It may need to update.


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Jun 06, 2020

It seems to me that Carl is spiraling out of control.


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jun 05, 2020

Y'all remember when some tried to say Megan was lying about being involved in a domestic issue with her boyfriend because the charge had "family" in it. Well, Carl Crawford is not married. This is a girlfriend and his baby mama. In fact, it was his ex-girlfriend at the time of this mess. But if you read his charge you would think it was a family member.

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