It's so funny, that I was in the middle of writing up my thoughts on Carl Crawford's Billboard interview when I see he is trying to stop Megan Thee Stallion from dropping her debut album, Suga. I am not going to finish that piece on his Billboard interview because this stuff is way more interesting, but I did post a piece of my thoughts below from that scrapped article.


TMuthafcknZ is reporting that Carl Crawford/1501 Certified Entertainment is attempting to get an emergency hearing in order to STOP MEGAN FROM RELEASING MUSIC. Didn't he just tell Billboard that Megan was lying about that?

Now, Carl Crawford says Megan cannot drop music without his approval. So, why isn't he approving it???? You see the web of lies this man is getting tangled in listening to J Prince and Nick MInaj's fired managers?

This is why I had questions about his Billboard interview. I also wondered why out of all the big platforms he would go to Billboard. They can't even do good fluff pieces. But, he wanted fluff. Read part of my thoughts below.



To start, Megan Thee Stallion is attempting to get her 360 contract voided. Can we really blame her at this point? Megan claims that she only got 15K out of the 7M she made off music. Carl Crawford disputes all of Megan's allegations....shocker!

I am happy to read that Megan is only in a 4 album deal. I read that the mixtapes don't count. But, that info could be false. Let me get to what Carl Crawford claims.

Carl is alleging that Megan stopped paying him back in September 2019 after she signed with Roc Nation. So, why the hell didn't he sue her for breach of contract? What type of businessman allows non-payment when they have a contract in place for over 6 months? The answer: AN INCOMPETENT ONE. This is what I have been saying about Carl. He does not know what he is doing and relied on T-Farris to handle the BUSINESS part of the music business. So, he wants to be able to clean up his mistakes, without allowing Megan to do the same. No Ma'am!


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