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Charlamagne Wanted WAP So Bad That He Became Tomi Lahren's Hip Hop Informant


Don't tell me that MR. "BLACK MEDIA" wanted W(HITE) A(SS) P(USSY) so bad that he was out here passing information to Tomi Lahren about the Hip Hop community.

In a recent interview with Brobible, conservative pundit Tomi Lahren revealed that Charlamagne Tha God

would email her when the rap community was upset with her.

This information came out when she was asked about her feud with Jay-Z. Back in 2016, Lahren criticized Beyonce's Black Panther themed Super Bowl performance that shook the world.

The performance also shook Lahren's insecure ass so much that she went on her show to question Beyonce's Black Lives Matter stance by using Jay-Z's past against her. Lahren said, "Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14-years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting Black neighborhoods; start at home." Whew, chile this bitch.

Jay-Z responded on a track with Pusha T, "Drug Dealer Anonymous," where Lahren's remarks were sampled before he comes in with "14-year drug dealer and still counting..."

When Brobible asked Lahren how did she find out that she was sampled on the track. She replied,

"If you're familiar with Charlemagne Tha God from The Breakfast Club, he's the one who told me. I wouldn't say we were friends, but we had reached the point where he would tip me off when the rap community is upset with me. He was the one to email me and said, "Hey, just so you know, you're in Jay-Z and Pusha T song." Sure enough, there I am on 'Drug Dealers Anonymous.' He also let me know that I was in the Walle song when he gave me my famous nickname Tammy Lahren. Charlamagne also emailed me about that one."

If you recall, Tomi's response to the track when it dropped was, "Always wanted to be on a track with two drug dealers. Thanks." and "I've got 99 problems and trust me, being on your rap ain't one."

We all know she gets off on the attention, so she was ready to spar with Jay-Z and Pusha T. Good thing she has snitch ass Charlamagne on her team.



Now, this is the least of the questionable behavior by Charlamagne He Needs God. However, due to his recent complaints about artists not coming to "Black media" once they reach a certain level of success, I find this amusing.

First, The Breakfast Club is not "Black media." They are media in blackface. It's an iHeart show where they allow him to blow his hot nasty breath onto a microphone. Just like slaves did not own the plantation they worked on, he doesn't own TBC. The only thing CTG runs over there is his mouth.

That is why so many Black artists, particularly women, have issues with the show. They use their platform to belittle Black artists and blackball them. Not to mention Charlamagne's problematic past and comments when it comes to sexual assault.

So, for him to be out here pouting about artists and lack of support for Black media, but the whole time he is running over to Massa's daughter to tell her the negroes are mad...YOU GOT TO BE FCK'N KIDDING ME. What a patchy skin nigga will do for some W(hite) A(ss) P(ussy).


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26. Dez. 2020

Not “blow hot breath on a Mic” Fendi Facts 😂😂

All that calling 69 a snitch and look what we have here. wonder how the rappers will respond to this?

"All my skinfolk ain't kinfolk"

Gefällt mir

26. Dez. 2020

Smh. I wonder what the black community will say about that? Will they tell the next black male or female to not go to TBC? Joe Budden will be the next coon to be outed.

Gefällt mir
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