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Chika Says Labels Should Be Transparent About Using Fake TikTok Accounts To Help Blow Up Songs


Chika did not bite her tongue when responding to Pop Crave's questions about the music industry. The popular Twitter account asked, "What is one thing you would change about today's music industry?"

Grammy-nominated rapper, Chika, replied, "Labels hiring people to pose as regular TikTok accounts in order to blow songs up." She then added, "I was offered this last year, and politely declined. It's not in inherently evil; it's marketing. But the same way that you have to disclose paid promotion in Youtube videos/podcasts, labels should be transparent about it. I think the loophole is that they don't pay the accounts. They're usually interns."

I agree with her, but, I find the celebrity and blog TikTok shit more annoying. Everyone just happens to get into the same song on the same day and also decided to do a challenge...OK.

I also think it should be illegal for labels to have Youtubers as interns so they can dictate how they react to artists' music. We all know that "allegedly" a label had Youtubers give good reactions to a specific artist and bad reactions to another artist.

These labels got so many tricks to make their artists popular, but not tricks to get their artists to make great music.


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