China's Rap Queen, Vava, Called Out For Using Blackface In Tribute To Nicki Minaj

china rap queen vava blackface nicki minaj


China's Rap Queen, Vava, received some backlash for using blackface in her tribute to U.S. Rap Queen Nicki Minaj.

Last Friday, Vava and two other artists paid homage to Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj's 2014 AMA's performance of "Bang Bang." Vava showed up wearing heavy dark makeup and a curly wig to the shock of many, as she performed as Nicki Minaj.

One person tweeted, "After 2018 CCTV's new year gala racist controversy, I legit thought we would never see blackface on Chinese national television ever again. Well... I was wrong. VAVA just appeared "cosplaying" Nikki Minaj on Hunan TV's program 《白变大咖秀."

While no one believes that Vava was trying to be offensive, some wondered how no one from her team or the show was aware of the insensitivity of using blackface, given past incidents.


What are y'all thoughts on this?



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