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JT is over the haters/fans talking sh*t on social media about why the City Girls have not dropped any

new music. JT wants haters to get off her d*ck! She explained that the reason their new album, Tax Season, has not dropped is due to the limitations put on her because of her conviction and the coronavirus fck'n up their album rollout. But, they plan to skip the rollout, drop new music, and let it do what it do. But until the new music drops, y'all can kiss her muthafck'n ass.

What started this rant appears to be a comment left by someone speculating as to why no new music is coming for the City Girls. Whatever this person said pissed JT off to the point that she said y'all gonna make her go back to the old JT. This person tagged her on 50 different pages until JT saw her comment LOL.

I will say that I did like that JT noted that she is passionate about her career. It reminded of when Yung Miami AKA Lyrical Princess acknowledged she was not the best rapper, but she was going to get better. You can't hate on a person who gives a sh*t. So many rappers don't, and it's obvious. It's just a "lick" for them.

"Y'all bitches is stupid, ya'll bitches is miserable, ya'll bitches is dumb. Ya'll bitches is going to make me go back to my old ways"

Too many people are going stir-crazy, and I think there will be more rants to come from artists if people can't figure out how to keep the money flowing. The City Girls need to just drop Tax Season before the competition for attention gets too crowded.


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I agree Megan is the only one I see really putting effort into releases. We can count Nicki out cause for me I don’t want music from her right now I want her to get her shit together. People are praising so many women and are putting so much of them on a pedestal. Drop the music!!


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Mar 24, 2020

@Latanya, Gurl, I have been wondering too. I thought we were the middle of a female rap renaissance??? This just shows that some just don't want to do the work. Megan is the only one who going for it. She could have easily not dropped "Suga" and blamed 1501. She fought to release music.


I agree they should drop this is a perfect time for artists to drop music. Yaya where are the female rappers, there are so much women right now and it’s quiet where are the singles and albums.

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