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Coi Leray Says She Is Not A Female Rapper


Coi Leray tweeted, I’m not a female rapper. I’m an artist. Leave that rap competition shit for the rappers. I just want to make good music and have a good time.

Not wanting to be classified as a "female rapper" is actually common. Fans will develop amnesia just to drag someone for "Likes." But, the competition part caught my attention. One of the things I hate about how rap has changed is that rappers no longer want to compete. It's about protecting what you have built and competing is too risky for some.

But, on the flip side, what is competing in 2021? We are in a time where competition is based on who has the most rabbit fans or who has the blogs. It's not based on who is making the best music or who has the best rhymes. So, some artists may not be interested in acting like competition really exist.

Do y'all have an issue with what Coi Leray said?


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