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Yesterday, rapper CupcaKKe responded to some fans who kept telling her that Ole Girl was shading her on Twitter. The alleged shade was over a rap verse from CupcaKKe's HERstory making #1 song on iTunes, "Discounts," where she raps, "Nigga thought he was gettin' ass If you show cash, just throw bread / But I think the fuck KNOT like Cardi's forehead." The verse was a funny punchline, but to some rappers and fans, everything is a Remy Ma "Shether" diss.


"I'm from Chicago, we say what we mean and mean what we say. It's not that deep my love" - CupcaKKe


CupcaKKe explained that her verse was not a diss to Cardi B, it's just RAP. She said she showed Ole Girl nothing but love; however, she can get on her bully sh*t but will be the bigger person.



CupcaKKe later went on Instagram Live to set the record straight on any beef with Cardi B, using Nicki Minaj for a feature, why she didn't celebrate her #1 song, and warned fans about making sh*t ugly.


CupcaKKe said she is giving Ole Girl the benefit of the doubt because "what if she wasn't shading me?" CupcaKKe explained it could be people just trying to start mess. She wished Cardi B the best in whatever she got going on.


Some fools talking out the sides of their neck, accused CupcaKKe of thanking Nicki Minaj for helping her reach #1 so she could get a feature. CupcaKKe put that sh*t to rest real quick. She said, "I been supporting Nicki, not public support. We talking about DMing her, "Hey, congratulations on your #1."

Also, I will keep repeating this, CupcaKKe turned down a 6-figure deal from Atlantic records to diss Nicki Minaj before Ole Girl got her deal. Atlantic was searching for girls who would go at Nicki, and CupcaKKe was one of them. None of the girls who are Black and really about this rap sh*t took that crash test dummy deal.


CupcaKKe explained that she did not celebrate going #1 because "it ain't sh*t to celebrate. This sh*t due." She is thankful, but she isn't going to let it get to her head.


CupcaKKe warns fanbases to stop being obsessed and forcing sh*t. She says it's going to get very fck'n ugly.


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