DaBaby Acts Like a CryBaby By Bring Out Tory Lanez At Rolling Loud Miami

The rebel without a cause...


DaBaby and his hurt feelings decided to bring out Tory Lanez in between two Megan Thee Stallion songs at Rolling Loud. What pisses me off is not that he performed with Tory Lamez, is that it seemed like he did it to antagonize Megan. The woman Tory is accused of shooting as her back was turned.

DaBaby looks goofy and the crowd only getting hyped after Tory left should have told him all he needed to know. For someone who loves using his daughter to paint himself as a "girl dad," he needs to do better. I'm at a loss for words because I really liked Dababy, even as many people started diss'n him.

All I know is that when Megan starts to poke back, don't say shit!


This is why Megan doesn't have to do shit. Karma is her friend...bwhahahaahahaha!!!!


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