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DaBaby's Artist, Wisdom Awute, Arrested For Attempt Murder in Memorial Day Shooting On South Beach

UPDATED: 7/30 at 11:13 AM PST

DaBaby took time out of his day to put the shovel down and post about something other than his falloff. His artist, Wisdom, who was arrested for his involvement in Memorial Day shooting in South Beach, has been released from jail. Now, that does not mean charges have been dropped, it just means he is out and can work on this album he is talking about.

Story still developing...



DaBaby's artist, Wisdom Awute, has been charged with attempted murder for the Memorial Day Shooting that occurred on South Beach. Christopher Urena, a member of DaBaby's entourage, was also charged.

The shooting incident that happened around midnight near the Prime 112 Steakhouse left two people injured. One victim was shot in the shoulder the other in the leg. One victim remained in critical condition while the other was released after being treated at a hospital.

DaBaby was brought in for questioning but was released after it was determined who was responsible for firing the shots.

wisdom awute and christopher urena arrested in memorial day shooting. DaBaby's artist

According to reports obtained by the Miami Herald, "Two men were trying to get in their car at around 11:20 p.m. Monday in front of the restaurant when they got in fight with “a famous musical entourage.” That’s when the rapper pulled out a gun, the victim told police. Awute then shot one of the two men in the right calf, police said. The victim was then able to identify Awute as the shooter."

Another rapper ruins his career trying to prove how "gangsta" he is to people who will soon forget about his ass.


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