DaniLeigh Speaks On Colorist Allegations After Backlash From "Yellow Bone" Song

Three days ago, DanieLeigh received some backlash over her new song "Yellow Bone." In the song, she repeats, "Yellow Bone is what he want." Many people thought she was taking shots at Da Baby's baby mama, who is dark skin, while others thought the song was just trash.

DaniLeigh tried to stand her ground on Twitter and lost. She soon deactivated her account.

Today, DaniLeigh took to Instagram to not-so-much apologize but to explain her intentions behind the song. She said, "I see brown skin women flaunt their skin all the time in music. Like, why can't I talk about mine? If you look at me, I'm light skin, I'm a yellow bone."

After she made that comment, I could tell this was not really an apology, This was her putting out a forced statement so she can move on with her life.

I have two issues? First, where are brown skin women flaunting their skin color in music videos all the time? People are taking Beyonce's ONE SONG about brown skin girls and multiplying it by 100. Beyonce's song was not about a brown skin girl taking anyone's man or being their preference. It showed love to a skin tone that is often spoken about negatively when it comes to entertainment.

That is why DaniLeigh and her supporters using that as a defense to her song sound silly.

Second, let's all admit that the term "Yellow Bone" in itself is not colorist. The issue with DaniLeigh using it is that SHE IS NOT BLACK. A non-Black woman co-opted a Black term to allegedly taunt a dark skin woman or, as DaniLeigh wants us to believe, to just flaunt her light skin. This is the Cardi B effect. People feel they can PLAY Black if they have a drop of African ancestry.

In this "apology" video, DaniLeigh never addressed that she, as a non-Black woman, should not be using the term "Yellow Bone." It makes no sense when it comes to her. I think she will continue to try to pass as a light skin Black woman. This is the slippery slope created when people acted like the only way they could like/make excuses for Cardi B was if they lied to themselves and called her Black.

I do not think DaniLeigh helped herself.

What are y'all thoughts on this whole situation?

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