Did Drake STANs Get Revenge For Kanye Posting Drake's Address Or Is This CLB Promo? (Updated)

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Drake STANs vandalize Kanye's Chicago childhood home with signs.


Has the Drake and Kanye beef entered STAN wars territory, or is it another case of propaganda AKA propa-demiks?

Early this morning, Akademiks posted and deleted a photo of Kanye's childhood home, the same one replicated in the middle of Soldier Field Stadium, with signs in front of it saying, "45 44 Burnt Out," "Fuck Justin LaBoy," and "CLB Coming Soon." Akademiks claims his post was via his pal Trippie Redd, who also did a post and delete.

If we remember, recently, Kanye posted Drake's well-known address, so the Drake fans are having fun

with this latest installment of "house wars." However, I find it odd that Akademiks, who loves rap beefs and Drake, would delete his post without cause. Did he delete it because he was told to, or is he distancing

himself from being named as the possible source of the photo?

If you pan to the bottom right, you will see the watermark "@grandwizardchatnigga." That is one of Akademiks' head "chat niggas," who may or may not be an actual nigga. This watermark is on all the photos I have seen being reposted. This is what makes me suspicious that the origin of the image is from that person. Yes, a possible Drake STAN, but most importantly a DJ Akademiks STAN, and that matters.

We all know that Akademiks doesn't see himself as just a rap commentator. Instead, he views himself as some type of PR/narrative svengali. So, I am suspicious about this photo because he was one of the first to post it, and I would think real STANs would use spray paint...I-Oops.

Certified Lover Boy drops next week. Everything must be viewed as part of a rollout.


What do y'all think about this whole mess?

Are you enjoying watching the boys fighting for a change?


UPDATED: 8/29 at 12:18 PM PST

DJ Akademiks admitted that Drake told him to take down the "vandalism" post. I knew something happened cause AK loves this type of shit.


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