I am very happy to report this update. Rapper Tia Corine, who accused Drake of stealing her flow for "Popstar," got a shout out from Rico Nasty and SZA. No, not for the Drake sh*t, but for being a dope rapper.

You may be thinking, "What's the big deal, Fck Yaya?" Well, let me tell you. This girl who publicly called out Drake for STEALING HER FLOW, is getting love from popular female artists instead of the usual cold shoulder. This was Drake she called out, not some rapper with a buzz. We just had the Young Thug and Pusha T incident. We know that was all because Young Thug wanted to keep Drake happy. The girls are learning that "pick me" bitches don't go far. They might as well support each other, even if one pisses of a top male rapper.

Also, I love how Tia reacted. She is genuinely touched and appreciates those tweets.



Last Friday, DJ Khaled and Drake didn't entirely break the internet, but they did rattle it with the release of two self-proclaimed "anthems, "Greece," and "Popstar." Immediately you had STANs trying hard to convince us that both songs are nothing less than magnificent. However, Twitter was filled with memes of people accusing Drake of stealing The Weeknd's sounds on "Greece." But, what went under the radar was that another artist accused Drake of stealing her flow...yes I said HER flow on "Popstar."

North Carolina rapper, TiaCorine, is accusing Drake of stealing her "Stylist" flow for "Popstar." She isn't the only one who noticed the similarities, and like with the "Greece" situation, fans did not hold their Twitter fingers. TiaCorine even tweeted Drake, "You tryna Quentin Miller me?"




I want ya'll to listen and compare the flows.


Now, do I believe that Drake has a team searching for new artists with flows and styles so he can "borrow" or at least jump on a track with...YES. But, I also think that new artists mistakenly believe they own flows that have been done before them. Unless the flow is so unique that fans really can't trace it back to someone doing it the way you did it, then I'm hesitant to agree when someone claims their flow was stolen.

With all that said, I think TiaCorine has a case but not based on the flow alone. "Popstar" sounds like "Stylist" the song. If you take off TiaCorine rapping, the beats sound similar too. So, it's the combination of the flow + beat, that makes me think, "DRAAAAKE?"

But, I'm just a blogger. What do the people say?


The song "Stylist" by ChloeTheGod feat. TiaCorine - released April 10th, 2020

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