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Did Melii Return Her Tory Lanez's Umbrella-ella-ella?


Singer/Rapper, Melii has people speculating that she left Tory Lanez's One Umbrella label after tweeting and deleting "Independent Artist Melii" earlier today. She even added and then removed that same message from her Instagram page.

After her tweet and delete, she wrote, "Sometimes you just don't belong," with a red balloon at the end. The balloon appears to have replaced her umbrella. She also does not follow Tory on Instagram.

I follow Melii, and so I had noticed she tweeted 222 a few days ago. I assumed she was dropping music, but that may have been her hint that today was the day she would be free.




Melii signed with Tory Lanez back in 2019 after she was initially supposed to sign with Meek Mill's label Dream Chasers. However, Melii decided to sign with Tory Lanez after hinting that she was made uncomfortable while on Meek's Motivation Tour. She wrote on her Instagram post, "I ain't wanna fck him.

He kept saying I was acting boujee, that I was another Nicki Minaj, and when I speak up for myself, he would call me crazy!"

I always felt she left one bad situation for another. Her music was never the same under Tory Lanez. So, I am happy if she is done dealing with a man who wastes money on multiple billboards for himself, but not one for his artists.

This alleged departure comes just a couple of weeks after Beyonce used Melii's song "ICY" in a promotional video to ICY PARK.

I hope things work out for Melii and she starts making music like "Gangsta Talk."


Let's recap Tory's issues with women:

  • Kaash Paige said he does not respect women and she refused to sign with his label because his whole team is shady.

  • Chika said while doing Wild N Out with Tory Lanez, the women were complaining about being sexually harassed.

  • He dragged Dreamdoll into his beef with Joyner Lucas without any regard for her feelings.

  • He allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion.

  • Now, allegedly Melii is out.

But, some will try to call the women problematic.


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23 févr. 2021

I think she was signed under his management, not the label part. I think Melii should find a woman manager, she have had too many problems with men as management. Deb is the only firm woman manager that should've been employed by a bunch of women, especially in hip hop. Listening to her talk about her time with Nicki, you can tell she was on her shit. I hate she don't get her flowers. We have to get more women managers in hip hop/music period.

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