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Did Saucy Santana And Chef Von Breakup To Help His New Show?


It looks like another relationship has bit the dust...or at least that is what they want the public to believe. It's being reported that Saucy Santana and his hunk Chef Von have called it quits, and instead of moving like the letter "g" in lasagne, Von is making sure that everyone knows he is single. He took to his Instagram Stories to post messages like, "Free at last, Free at last, thank GOD almighty I am free at last!"

Two things are making me suspicious.

First, where are the posts of Saucy Santana dragging this nigga for talking about "Free at last...?" It's practically crickets from Santana. All he has is two Lil reposted messages on his IG Story, and one of them is the same as Von's post. We know damn well that Saucy Santana will not go quietly with someone using all these exclamation marks in their messages, LOL.



Secondly, what really has me side-eyeing this "breakup" is that it just so happens to be publicized after it was revealed that Saucy Santana has a dating show, Get Saucy With Santana, dropping on The Zeus Network??? I was on Santana's Live and was going to ask how the hell is he doing a dating show with a whole boyfriend. I guess I know how now.

Obviously, there would be issues if he is "looking for love," and it's known he is boo'd up.

Now, I reserve the right to be wrong, but in the words of the gay boys, something is "Fishy" about this whole thing.



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