Did Tokyo Vanity Take It Too Far With Her Clapback On Teatenders Liv?


It's not even 6 AM and I already got my 🍿out. It looks like Tokyo Vanity was not here for a caption Teatenders Liv wrote after she reposted a video of Tokyo twerking. The caption read, "I love me a BBW! We all could use a BFF as supportive as Tokyo Vanity's ... and a relationship as strong as Tokyo's sandals." 🥴

Tokyo Vanity was not feeling that at all and decided to post a photo of LIv with her man and nephew. Vanity wrote, "Girlllllllllllllllllll where you want me to start ? With you or da fam ? @yeslivcan ? Cause I be confused how you hoes can talk about everyone except the ugly muhfuckas y’all wake up to everyday."

Liv took offense to a photo showing her nephew being posted on Tokyo's page and wants it's removed.


Is Tokyo being too sensitive or was does she have a reason to clapback? Did Tokyo take it too far by posting a photo with a child in it? Was Liv fat shaming?


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