DJ Akademiks Exposes Lil Baby Low Tour Ticket Sales In Flagrant 2 Interview


Lil Ticket Sales


Last week, Andrew Schultz and Akaash Singh interviewed known chatty patty and Hip Hop chipmunk DJ Akademiks on their Flagrant 2 podcast. Akademiks in true form revealed a private conversation he had with two individuals about Lil Baby and his struggling tour. He said, "Lil Baby is on tour currently. They said Lil Baby's ticket - he's trying to do arenas about 10,000 - 15,000...., they said his tour is doing bad. They're like, you'll never see him post his tour sold out. It's not selling that much."

Photos are for an Aug.6th show


This does not surprise me one bit. I have been critical of the hype that Lil Baby has gotten because it is very reminiscent of Cardi B's rise. All praise, very little critique. The industry and the Hip Hop media want to artificially place Lil Baby at the top of Hip Hop, instead of having him earn it. I get it, he's a likable guy, but he has to be likable to fans, not just insiders.

Let's be clear, DJ Akademiks alleges the tour is doing bad. Not that there are just some cities where he had

low ticket sales. The tour is doing bad, which means, that QC played themselves by thinking Lil Baby is ready for arenas. Lil Baby should have started off in a smaller venue and then upgraded if sales justified it. Now, I believe this tour is with Lil Durk, so maybe they thought will both fanbases and media support, tickets would move fast.

I must point out that Cardi B, who is a media darling, has yet to go on a real tour. The shows she was trying to pass off as a tour were not selling out. I was known for posting the receipts on IG, to the dismay of some. All the narrative spin doesn't always translate into sold-out shows.

This is a good lesson to Lil Baby's peers. Don't be in a rush to see your name next to "arena." It's always better to be forced to upgrade than to downgrade from one.


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