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Did DJ Drama Leak Drake's Reference Tracks Because Drizzy Slept With His Ex-Wife?

UPDATED: 3/19 at 10:22 AM PST

N.O.R.E. dropped the audio from his interview with DJ Drama where he addressed the rumors of Drake mess'n with his ex-wife and the leaking of reference tracks. DJ Drama admitted that they have slept with the same women, but the times never overlapped. He did not play the Drake reference tracks for Meek out of revenge.

Drama kept with the same story he told before about telling Meek only to clear up shit for Meek.



This Throwback Thursday, N.O.R.E and DJ EFN will drop their newest episode of Drink Champs featuring DJ Drama. But, before the episode airs, N.O.R.E. dropped a teaser that has the internet buzzing. In the video clip, he implies that DJ Drama told Meek about Drake's ghostwriter out of revenge for the Certified

Lover Boy sleeping with his girl.

It has been well documented that Meek and Drake's beef started because Meekiana exposed Drake for not writing his rhymes. Rumors swirled that Meek was not only upset over Drake acting funny with him but over Drake's R.I.C.O. verse where he says, "The girl of your dreams to me is probably not a challenge." Meek assumed he was talking about Nicki Minaj. To calm Meek down, DJ Drama told Meek that Drake was not referring to Nicki because "those weren't technically his bars."



This Drink Champs clip reminded me that back in 2015, after Drake's "Back to Back" of Meek and the leaking of reference tracks, DJ Drama's ex-wife, Summer P. Walker, decided to do some exposing of her own.

Summer P tweeted that DJ Drama gave Drake's reference tracks to Meek "to make him feel better about Quentin not wanting to work with him." Well, that lines up with Taxstone saying he heard rumors that Meek tried to work with Quentin but since he did not want to write for him, that was the reason behind Meek and The Dreamchaser beating Q up in L.A.

But, what is also interesting is what DJ Drama's girlfriend at the time, Jessica Burciaga, tweeted in response, "Why would he tell you about reference tracks when your divorced + U were fucking Drake when you guys were married. Ur a lying whore."

Summer P walker and Drake
Summer P. Walker Summer the girl that made DJ Drama seek revenge? Is Drake the reason DJ Drama got a divorce?

Well, we all know that Drake is a messy bottom, so back then, he pulled his signature Drizzy move. He invited Summer P to the studio and did a name drop on "I'm The Plug," a song from his collab album with Future "What A Time To Be Alive." Drake raps, "And it really ain't no thang, I got Summer P in this thang."

Drake allegedly invited Summer P to the studio so that she could witness him write a song...LOL.

drake slept with dj drama ex-wife summer p walker

Do I believe Drake writes his rhymes...YES! Do I believe Drake has ghostwrites...YES! Both of those things can co-exist, just like a person who knows how to cook still goes out to eat.

You notice his peers take years off between albums and even singles. People are wondering where the hell is Kendrick. Drake does not take that much time off. He churns out music like a machine, and to do that; you need help; even if you're repeating songs you've already done.

Anyways, if on Drink Champs it is revealed that DJ Drama told Meek about Quentin Miller on some revenge shit, wouldn't that mean Drama used Meek as a pawn?

Hip Hop is so messy🥴


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Mar 18, 2021

This is crazy But yet they wanted to blame Nicki for the beef and said she was the one who told meek about Quin.

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