Does The D.A. In Tory Lanez's Felony Assault Case Need To Investigate More Than DJ Akademiks?


"When it all...all falls downnnn..."

Soooo, a Lil birdie sent me a recording of Mob Radio's ex-friend getting a few things off his chest where he addressed the relationship between Tory Lanez/his daddy, Mob Radio, and leaks.

As we know, the DA in the Tory felony assault case for shooting Megan Thee Stallion suspects he is behind the leaking of evidence in this case.

Even though the recording does not directly connect MR to specific leaks, it establishes a relationship between Tory and a blogger who multiple outlets credited with spreading misinformation about a sealed police report.

As I wrote, it will take a few concerned citizens to help the DA with their investigation to ensure a fair trial. If this "concerned citizen" is willing to talk with the DA, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Someone check on Shawn Holley.


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