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Doja Cat Gives Perfect Response To Nicki Minaj Not "Loving" Homage Track "Get Into It (Yuh)"

Doja Cat Responds to Nicki Minaj's Comments About Why She Was Not On Planet Her. Doja Cat Tells People Magazine She Is Looking For Perfect Song.


Doja Cat Calls Nicki Minaj "Very Formidable" In People Magazine Interview


In an interview with People Magazine, Doja Cat responded to Nicki Minaj's comments about why she did not end up on Doja Cat's "Planet Her" album. The two had previously worked together on the remix to Doja's "Say So," which ended up going #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. After the song's success, fans had concocted this fantastical relationship between the two Pop-Rap Queens that made some believe they were going to get another Pop-alicious collab. However, when Nicki Minaj was a no-show on "Planet Her" and refused to acknowledge Doja's shoutout on "Get Into It (Yuh)," rumors started to swirl that Nicki Minaj may not be too fond of the presumed heir to her throne.

Well, last week, Nicki Minaj revealed on Twitter Spaces that she was asked to be on Doja Cat's "Get Into It (Yuh), which interpolates her song "Massive Attack." However, things did not work out for a few reasons, according to Nicki:

  1. She did not "love" the song/couldn't bring anything to it

  2. Wished Doja had contacted her directly

  3. Ghosted when she asked for another track

I also remember when Nicki Minaj was having her one-sided feud with Jessie J, she accused another artist of claiming she asked to be on a song. I was told the artist was Doja Cat. So this may contribute to the hostility Nicki appears to display towards Doja.

Doja Cat Tells People Magazine She Is Looking For Perfect Song To Collab With Nicki Minaj After Nicki Minaj Spoke On Why She Rejected "Get Into It (Yuh)."

Photo Credit: Felix Dragon

Well, Doja Cat, who is hosting the MTV VMA's tonight, replied:

"My dream is to have her on something that will be perfect for her that she's passionate about, that I'm passionate about. A lot of the time, things are rushed with me. I don't know how it gets to that point, but I think that sending Nicki the perfect song can happen, and I think it will happen. I'm very excited for that, but I absolutely agree with her about having the right song for her."


Formidable: Causing Fear, Dread, or Apprehension


"That moment will be an extreme turning point in my career that will just make everyone very happy. I think a lot of collaborations feel forced with some people — everyone's collaborating, remixing, and blah blah blah, and it gets nowhere, or it does okay, but I think Nicki is very formidable. Just a fantastic rapper and fantastic performer. She needs better than just okay, so it's perfect. Her whole direction in it is the way it should be."


Doja Cat is not playing into a potential beef with Nicki Minaj.


"I Respect You, I Love You; I've Said It In Every Interview Time And Time Again..." - Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim (2010)


When I first read Doja's response to Nicki Minaj's comments, I thought "accommodating with a splash of patronizing," PERFECT! Doja Cat and her team understand that Nicki Minaj has time to go back and forth, so it's best to give her the "yous kind, yous smart, yous important" treatment and move on. This "perfect" song that Doja Cat will try to find probably won't happen anytime soon, plus I don't believe Nicki Minaj likes Doja Cat. All those shots during the IG Live with Bia were not directed at Megan Thee Stallion. In fact, past tensions between Bia and Doja Cat probably contributed to Nicki Minaj wanting to work with Bia.

Besides getting the tone right in her response, I applaud Doja Cat for leaving no room for Nicki to be nasty towards her without looking like she is windmilling in the wind by herself. Now, Nicki has shown that she is willing to go there as recently as last night from what I have seen. But, that is not the girls' problem if they play chess and their opponent fumbles with checker pieces.




Nicki Minaj vs Doja Cat: Crowns Are Taken Not Given, Even In Pop Music


I was thinking about what could possibly be Nicki Minaj's real issue with Doja Cat. It's too easy to dismiss this as Nicki Minaj being jealous of another girl who is currently out charting, outselling, and most importantly, sucking off a considerable portion of her fanbase, which consist of mostly Pop fans.

Nicki Minaj In a Green Wig and Outfit.

Why would Nicki Minaj, who has an album and documentary coming, not just play to her STANs need for sugary Pop Rap? If they want Doja Cat, give them muthfckn Doja Cat, especially since Nicki appears to have no interest in being Pop Nicki full-time.

This got me thinking about Pop Nicki and how much criticism Nicki received for not following the traditional NY female rap path. She was accused of being a sellout, and while she was rewarded with albums sales, record-breaking stats, and sold-out tours, she is still searching for her first Grammy. As much as Nicki Minaj tries to downplay the Grammys, it's obvious she does care, maybe too much.


"When You Open Doors For Others; You Can't Dictated How They Walk Through It" - Fck Yaya

In the past, I have said that Nicki Minaj may have been ahead of her time, and like with most of those types of artists, they often don't reap the most rewards from their trailblazing. So, while Nicki Minaj laid the foundation for Pop-Rap, it probably will be Doja Cat who will reap most of the benefits. Even though Doja Cat is mixed, she is passable and aesthetically relatable to white people. This comes with certain privileges and allows Doja Cat to face fewer barriers than Nicki Minaj. In the end, Doja Cat will probably

Is Nicki Minaj Jealous of Doja Cat? Doja Cat Responds To Nicki Minaj for Rejecting Planet Her Collab

end up winning multiple Grammys for adding her own twist and improving on Nicki's blueprint. Furthermore, Doja Cat doesn't have to find an audience because Nicki Minaj has already cultivated a fanbase that likes their Pop sprinkled with easy to repeat raps.

This may be what Nicki Minaj has against Doja Cat. She may perceive that Doja Cat has it too easy, and so she created a reason not to like her. I base my speculation on a past interview where Nicki complained about the new girls having the advantage of social media. I thought that was such a weak complaint. Yes, certain things are easier for the new girls, just like things were easier for her over Lil Kim and for Lil Kim over MC Lyte. That's called life, but it gave me insight into how Nicki views things.

For example, one of her complaints about Doja was that she wanted to be contacted; personally, she wanted it organic. However, she just used her toxic Barbras to contact artists; she could have called personally. So, if she expects Doja Cat to offer her some type of "organic" connection, why wouldn't she offer that same thing to other artists?

I feel Nicki Minaj's issues with these girls are not because they did anything to her; it's her misplaced frustrations with how things have turned out for herself.


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