Today, Doja Cat was on Nick Cannon's Morning Show, where she spoke about the industry, leaving men

on read, and Nicki Minaj's controversial verse on the "Say So" Remix. But, we all know we only care about what she had to say about the "Say So" remix. So, here it is...

Nick Cannon asked Doja Cat how did the Nicki Minaj collab happen because "she just don't work with anybody." Doja Cat said that it was a conversation for a long time. She said it started with her making an inside joke with her fans by ending every sentence with "featuring Nicki Minaj." She would say things like, "Damn, you look good featuring Nicki Minaj" or "Man my ass itch featuring Nicki Minaj." She feels like she manifested this collab into existence.

Nick Cannon then asked about the controversy surrounding Nicki Minaj's last verse on the "Say So" Remix. To refresh your memories, Nicki Minaj changed her verse last minute on the "Say So" Remix, but it was how Nicki ended that song that had people talking out the sides of the necks.

"I got dressed just to sit in the house

People with the least always doin' the most

I'm countin' money while he suckin' my toes

Real nasty with them balls, all net, yeah, I'm gross

Why you talkin' 'bout who body fake?

With all them fillers in your face, you just full of hate

That real ass ain't keep your nigga home

Now you lookin' silly, that's word to silicone"

Nick asked Doja Cat, "now did you hear the verse beforehand, or did you know what she was gonna say?" Doja Cat said it was a surprise to her too, but she killed it. Doja Cat showed her media savvy by not in any way playing into the "beef" narrative that many are trying to run with.

I think Doja Cat handled things perfectly. Set the mood back to enjoying the music and girl power. Hopefully, there are no more social media posts.


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